How to Play

“But of course, we’d have to figure out a way to avoid the things
that cause the little problems. Maybe some rules or something…”


The Super Terrific Happy Hour is a trivia game about nothing… with virtually everything you could know about Seinfeld packed into an interactive, fan-based website. Currently, we have the main game which is divided into four difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and Impossible. In the near future, we’ll be featuring a section of the site called “The Opposite,” where all new questions will be available in categories such as Quotes, Episodes, Images, and Behind The Scenes. But as we all know, “a George divided against itself cannot stand,” and therefore absolutely none of the questions are repeated across any category.


Questions are weighted for difficulty, rated 1-12 on a point-based system:

1=325 pts           4=1300 pts          7=2275 pts          10=3250 pts

2=650 pts          5=1625 pts          8=2600 pts          11=3575 pts

3=975 pts          6=1950 pts          9=2925 pts           12=3900 pts

High Scores are tallied based upon all-time gameplays, viewable to any player by accessing the Leaderboard page. Just don’t unplug the Frogger machine, and you’ll keep your high score.


The game is played in rounds of 10 questions, which are provided randomly from the difficulty level or category you selected. Each round has a five minute timer (kind of like “beat the clock”) after which your efforts will become impotent.

“Well, I don’t know how official any of these rankings really are…”

As you build up points from multiple gameplays, you will earn and improve your Player Rank by reaching each of the following milestones:


Vegetable Lasagna                                                        Beginner

Bad Breaker-Upper                    15,000 all-time points scored

Hipster Doofus                           50,000 all-time points scored

Rabid Anti-Dentite                  100,000 all-time points scored

Titleist                                        200,000 all-time points scored

The Wiz                                      500,000 all-time points scored

Fragrance Millionaire          1,000,000 all-time points scored

Marine Biologist                   2,000,000 all-time points scored

Master Of Their Domain    5,000,000 all-time points scored

Superman                            10,000,000 all-time points scored


Sign up to create a player profile with your very own username and image. Feel free to share your name, age, and country of origin. Let everyone know your favorite character, favorite quote, and favorite episode. Keep track of your best scores from each difficulty level or category, your total score, and player rank status. Stay connected with the worldwide Seinfeld fan community through our social media links. Onward and upward!


We hope you enjoy your time at The Super Terrific Happy Hour and encourage you to share your experience with all of your friends. There are social media share buttons available on your profile page, as well as on the homepage.


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